Winner of Ultimate Moto Adventure Giveaway, Jim Platt’s Review of Experience

IMG_4449“The Ultimate Moto Adventure ride was an experience unlike anything else I had ever done before. Lots of desert sand type riding mixed with dirt and some really rocky terrain, high elevation riding and it was plenty hot hot hot! The round trip ride was close to 325 miles round trip! That’s a lot of off road miles on a dirt bike.

My Leatt Helmet, Leatt neck brace, Leatt chest protector, Leatt elbow guards, Leatt knee brace C Frame, Leatt knee brace sleeve, Leatt Hydration/cargo pack, Leatt gloves, Leatt Jersey and off road pants worked great! This was the first time I used the knee brace sleeve and major kudos to whoever brought that product to life! It really helps keep that Knee Brace in place. My wife and 13-year-old daughter loved the helmet so much that I bought each of them their own and we all love the fitment and looks.

I wear eye glasses and the Leatt helmet design makes wearing eye glasses a non-issue and very comfortable. I’ve had other helmets that made wearing eye glasses hurt the side of my head inside the helmet.

I was really wiped out upon returning back to where we started the Ultimate Moto Adventure ride in Wellington, Nevada. The Ultimate Moto Adventure staff were all amazing people and they really did an excellent job putting on this event and helping numerous riders out along the way. I met Todd from Leatt on this ride and he was very nice, as well as, a really good rider and obviously in great shape because after the long ride up to Mammoth on Saturday, the next day, Todd goes skiing at Mammoth while everybody else is trying to recover! Leatt was a very generous sponsor, not only with the drawing that I was so lucky to win but also with the many Leatt products at the banquet dinner, which people could buy raffle tickets for a chance to win.

Upon returning to Wellington, Nv., I stopped at a friend’s house, who lives in that town and he took a quick video of me. You can watch it below. Thank you, Steph for all your efforts and generosity, as well as, Todd and anyone else behind the scenes that I didn’t get to meet. I will continue spreading the word about all the awesome Leatt products that my family and I really believe in. Keep up the great work and have a great day.”

Sincerely, Jim Platt




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