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Singletrack: First Look at Leatt 2019 Range

Singletrack took a look at our new 2018 bike line.

“Leatt knows that protecting your nervous system and spinal cord are serious business, and traditionally for them, have offered that protection at a premium price. For this year, they’ll have a new brace, the DBX 3.5 and it’ll retail for $249. To some, this may still seem like a lot, but the company’s other braces have been offered between $300-$500 in the past, so this can potentially offer a lot of savings. It’s also still backed by Leatt’s input from on-staff biomechanics scientists, and in the end, anything that protects a rider from a spinal cord or neck injury is worth consideration.” they said.


“Leatt also has the cold weather kit pictured above for the coming winter. It offers protection from moisture and wind. The jacket includes a patent-pending magnet-lined hood to keep it from swooshing around when riders are on the trail. The jacket is $200 and the shorts are $120.”



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