Neck Brace SNX Pilot

Snowmobile neck brace for on the body fit from the biomedical engineers and medical staff of the Leatt® research lab. The Pilot neck brace is truly the most technologically advanced neck braces in the world. The Pilot balances the need of comfort, effectiveness and safety by allowing freedom of movement and adjustability to more closely meet the needs of top level racers. Leatt®’s commitment to safety ensures that key safety features pioneered by Leatt® are built into each brace.

The core of what makes our neck braces work is the function of directing the crash forces from your helmet to the body and bypassing the neck -  Alternative Load Path Technology - ALPT®.  For the ALPT® to work at its best, optimal neck braces to body fit is key. The adjustability built into all Leatt® neck braces is not just for comfort, but to ensure a correct fit that assists in optimizing ALPT effectiveness. We believe that no other neck brace can be adjusted to fit riders as well as a Leatt®.


The semi-rigid chassis is adjustable enough to fit most riders’ body shape while the structure remains very rigid to help transmit energy during an impact. Remember that a rigid construction is key for reducing neck forces. A brace that’s soft or gives way would drastically reduce the function or even increase neck force over time.  Multiple engineered fracture points and crumple zones will bend or break away at pre-determined stress levels to help contribute to a riders’ safety. 


Snowmobile neck brace for on the body fit!

  • CE tested and certified as as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC
  • Arctic Fusion Compound™ (AFC™) – a special blend to withstand extreme cold conditions Exclusive snowmobile clip-on padding resists snow sticking to it
  • Brace sock – waterproof & breathable barrier against winter elements, for rider comfort.
  • Fully adjustable upper tables (front & rear)
  • Weight: 790g – 1.7 lbs
  • Please look at our sizing chart for best fit:
    • #S/M
    • #L/XL
Part Number For Offline Orders:
Clear/Black Small: 0100950001
Clear/Black Medium: 0100950002
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