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Pants GPX 5.5 I.K.S (2017)


Off-Road Race-Tailored Stretch Pants with Knee Brace Reinforcement 

Our off-road pants are made to help you go the extra mile. The 5.5 off-road pants are even more advanced with a new system called the Internal Knee Brace System (I.K.S) which consists of four layers of reinforcement in the critical high wear, inner knee area. Compatible with the Leatt knee brace and all other leading knee brace brands in the world, this system protects both your pants and bike.

Made of a super lightweight and ventilated material and with a tailored, pre-curved slim fit, a durable nylon seat area and 3D fully floating knee cap reinforcement, it offers comfort as well as protection during off-road riding. The knee area also has four-point knee ventilation.

The inner leg area is made of the high-tech NanoGrip material that is known for its durability, breathability and superior wet and dry grip properties. A new, shorter micro adjuster waist belt with 360 ̊ silicone grip and side belt adjusters ensure a perfect fit.

Sizing Chart

  • Tailored, pre-curved slim fit pants
  • Over 75% of the pants is made in super lightweight, ventilated diamond stretch
  • I.K.S - Internal Knee Brace System protects your pants and bike from knee brace wear
  • 3D molded, fully floating knee cap reinforcement
  • 1000D nylon, heavy duty seat material and NanoGrip inner leg
  • YKK zipper and multiple row hidden safety stitching
  • Four-point knee ventilation
  • Anti-odor MoistureCool mesh lining
  • Size
    • #XS to #XXL
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