Coolit Evaporative Cooling Vest


Recharging, Evaporative Vest for Performance Enhancement

Beat the heat and ride faster as well as safer with our Coolit Vest that is up to 300% more evaporative than other cooling vests. Engineered to supercharge your performance, this vest will ensure that you feel up to 15-20°F cooler whilst riding. A comfortable zip-up design allows you to wear it under all your other gear without feeling too bulky.

When you are active, your core temperature rises and this results in your body losing function. This is the beginning of heat stroke which, quite tragically, can kill riders in extreme circumstances. Made from Hyperkewl™, a multi-fiber, polymer embedded fabric, you can cool yourself by soaking the vest for a minimum of two minutes in cool water. The cooling effect can last between one to six hours, depending on weather conditions.

  • Feel up to 15- 20°F cooler
  • Soak for a minimum of two minutes in cool water
  • Recharge your vest by re-soaking during the day
  • Lasts one-six hours, depending on weather conditions
  • Cool yourself before you ride or while you ride
  • MoistureCool and wicking fabric to help keep rider cool
  • Easy-to-wear, zip-up design should be worn next to skin, under all other gear
  • Up to 300% more evaporative cooling fabric coverage than other cooling vests
  • Hyperkewl™ is made from a multi-fiber polymer embedded fabric
  • Soak the vest and throw it in the fridge to get an initial deep chill before you ride
  • Evaporative cooling products are worn by athletes around the world to improve performance
  • Combination of fabrics create a water management system that helps to keep you cool
  • Sizes
    • #XS-#3XL
    • Junior: #XXS
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XXS/JR Grey: 0500030389
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