Glove GPX 3.5 Lite (2017)


Super Vented Off-Road Gloves with Impact Protection

The 3.5 Lite gloves offer a super lightweight fit with impact protection, a low-profile energy absorbing solution, protection panels on its knuckles. It offers superior impact protection as it hardens upon impact, even though it is flexible in its natural state. The 3.5 Lite gloves are both CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment, and the knuckles are CE tested as impact protection.

Its upper is made of four-way stretch material that offers a good airflow and flexibility whilst the palm is made of NanoGrip technology, consisting of fibers that are 7.500 thinner than hair. The palm is further reinforced with synthetic suede. For your convenience, the gloves grip well in both wet and dry conditions and the fingers are touch screen optimized. These gloves offer a snug fit with a seamless palm and a micro-injected cuff restraint.

Sizing Chart

  • 3D molded, self-locating impact protection for
    • Knuckles
  • NanoGrip palm
    • Ultra-thin for maximum bike feel
    • Nano fiber technology 7.500 times thinner than hair
    • Very stretchy and flexible
    • Premium dry and wet grip
    • Touch screen optimized fingers
  • CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC
  • CE tested as impact protection
    • Knuckle EN 13594:2015
  • Vented, Lite upper-hand material
  • Pre-curved, snug fit and seamless palm reinforced with synthetic suede
  • Micro-injected cuff restraint
  • Multi-ply, nylon thread stitching
  • Size
    • #S to #XXL
Part Number For Offline Orders:
Lime/Blue #S/EU7/US8: 6017310711
Lime/Blue #M/EU8/US9: 6017310712
Lime/Blue #L/EU9/US10: 6017310713
Lime/Blue #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310714
Lime/Blue #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310715
Black/Blue #S/EU7/US8: 6017310721
Black/Blue #M/EU8/US9: 6017310722
Black/Blue #L/EU9/US10: 6017310723
Black/Blue #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310724
Black/Blue #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310725
Black/Grey #S/EU7/US8: 6017310701
Black/Grey #M/EU8/US9: 6017310702
Black/Grey #L/EU9/US10: 6017310703
Black/Grey #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310704
Black/Grey #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310705
Black/Orange #S/EU7/US8: 6017310671
Black/Orange #M/EU8/US9: 6017310672
Black/Orange #L/EU9/US10: 6017310673
Black/Orange #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310674
Black/Orange #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310675
Blue/Lime #S/EU7/US8: 6017310681
Blue/Lime #M/EU8/US9: 6017310682
Blue/Lime #L/EU9/US10: 6017310683
Blue/Lime #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310684
Blue/Lime #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310685
Red/Blue #S/EU7/US8: 6017310691
Red/Blue #M/EU8/US9: 6017310692
Red/Blue #L/EU9/US10: 6017310693
Red/Blue #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310694
Red/Blue #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310695
White/Black #S/EU7/US8: 6017310731
White/Black #M/EU8/US9: 6017310732
White/Black #L/EU9/US10: 6017310733
White/Black #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310734
White/Black #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310735

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