Glove GPX 2.5 X-Flow (2017)


Super Vented X-Flow Mesh Off-Road Gloves with Brush Guards

The 2.5 X-Flow gloves are the lightest and most minimalistic gloves of the off-road racing range. Its upper is made of X-Flow, a four-way stretch mesh material that offers maximum airflow, whilst its palm is made of NanoGrip, making it extremely durable and breathable. Each fiber of NanoGrip is 7,500 times thinner than a human hair, making it super comfortable and touch screen compatible. It also has excellent gripping ability– even when soaking wet.

For added protection, it has brush guard reinforcement over the fingers and knuckles, which is a flex film that is feather-light, increasing scratch and resistance properties of the gloves.

Sizing Chart

  • Brush guard reinforced fingers and knuckles
  • NanoGrip palm
    • Ultra-thin for maximum bike feel
    • Nano fiber technology 7.500 times thinner than hair
    • Very stretchy and flexible
    • Premium dry and wet grip
    • Touch screen optimized fingers
  • Fully vented X-Flow mesh upper material
  • Pre-curved, snug fit and seamless palm
  • Multi-ply, nylon thread stitching
  • Size
    • #S to #XXL
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Part Number For Offline Orders:
Lime/Blue #S/EU7/US8: 6017310631
Lime/Blue #M/EU8/US9: 6017310632
Lime/Blue #L/EU9/US10: 6017310633
Lime/Blue #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310634
Lime/Blue #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310635
Black/Blue #S/EU7/US8: 6017310651
Black/Blue #M/EU8/US9: 6017310652
Black/Blue #L/EU9/US10: 6017310653
Black/Blue #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310654
Black/Blue #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310655
Black/Grey #S/EU7/US8: 6017310641
Black/Grey #M/EU8/US9: 6017310642
Black/Grey #L/EU9/US10: 6017310643
Black/Grey #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310644
Black/Grey #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310645
Black/Orange #S/EU7/US8: 6017310601
Black/Orange #M/EU8/US9: 6017310602
Black/Orange #L/EU9/US10: 6017310603
Black/Orange #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310604
Black/Orange #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310605
Blue/Lime #S/EU7/US8: 6017310611
Blue/Lime #M/EU8/US9: 6017310612
Blue/Lime #L/EU9/US10: 6017310613
Blue/Lime #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310614
Blue/Lime #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310615
Red/Blue #S/EU7/US8: 6017310621
Red/Blue #M/EU8/US9: 6017310622
Red/Blue #L/EU9/US10: 6017310623
Red/Blue #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310624
Red/Blue #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310625
White/Black #S/EU7/US8: 6017310661
White/Black #M/EU8/US9: 6017310662
White/Black #L/EU9/US10: 6017310663
White/Black #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310664
White/Black #XXL/EU11/US12: 6017310665

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