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Super Vented X-Flow Mesh Bicycle Gloves with Brush Guard Reinforcement

Our X-Flow gloves are the lightest gloves in our range with its upper made of fully vented four-way stretch mesh material. It has brush guard reinforcement over the fingers and knuckles, which is an ultra-thin and four-way flex film that is feather-light and increases scratch and abrasion resistance properties of base material.

Its palm is made of ultra-thin NanoGrip palm material, with fibers that are 7.500 times thinner than a human hair. It makes the palm super stretchy with premium wet and dry properties, and the fingers are touch screen optimized for your convenience. The pre-curved, seamless palm, multi-ply nylon thread stitching and stretch fit cuff makes it very comfortable.


  • Brush guard reinforced fingers and knuckles
  • NanoGrip palm
    • Ultra-thin for maximum bike feel
    • Nano fiber technology 7.500 times thinner than hair
    • Very stretchy and flexible
    • Premium dry and wet grip
    • Touch screen optimized fingers
  • Fully vented X-Flow mesh upper-hand material
  • Pre-curved, snug fit and seamless palm
  • Lens/ sweat wiper
  • Stretch fit comfort cuff
  • Multi-ply, nylon thread stitching
  • Size
    • #S to #XL

Part Number For Offline Orders:

Black/Ivory #S/EU7/US8: 6017310101
Black/Ivory #M/EU8/US9: 6017310102
Black/Ivory #L/EU9/US10: 6017310103
Black/Ivory #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310104
Black/White #S/EU7/US8: 6017310111
Black/White #M/EU8/US9: 6017310112
Black/White #L/EU9/US10: 6017310113
Black/White #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310114
Brushed #S/EU7/US8: 6017310121
Brushed #M/EU8/US9: 6017310122
Brushed #L/EU9/US10: 6017310123
Brushed #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310124
Fuel/White #S/EU7/US8: 6017310131
Fuel/White #M/EU8/US9: 6017310132
Fuel/White #L/EU9/US10: 6017310133
Fuel/White #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310134
Lime/Blue #S/EU7/US8: 6017310141
Lime/Blue #M/EU8/US9: 6017310142
Lime/Blue #L/EU9/US10: 6017310143
Lime/Blue #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310144
Black/Blue #S/EU7/US8: 6017310151
Black/Blue #M/EU8/US9: 6017310152
Black/Blue #L/EU9/US10: 6017310153
Black/Blue #XL/EU10/US11: 6017310154

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Men’s Mountain Biking Gloves The right glove for you… It boils down to two things: fit and style. Fit: Gloves, like shoes, have a number of different sizing standards, from S, M, L, and so on, to different Euro and US versions of numerical sizing (7, 8, 9, etc). But all of these are derived […]

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“It’s the closest you can get to not wearing gloves” is about two uses from official cliché status, but it applies here. The Leatt DBX 2.0 X-Flow gloves are the thinnest, most minimalistic mitts I’ve ever put on, and a couple design elements make them unlike any other mountain bike glove we’ve tried. The magic […]

The post Bike Magazine tests the DBX 2.0 Gloves appeared first on Leatt®.

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