Jersey DBX 5.0 All-Mountain Ink


Waterproof and Breathable, Tailored-Fit All-Weather Bicycle Jacket

The Windblock chest, breathable and an active moisture-wicking back, and reinforced Brush Guard elbows will make your day. You’ll love those chilly rides!

A zipper pocket with a microfiber goggle wiper, Brush Guard on the shoulders to ensure that your backpack stays put, and reflective print on the lower back are just some of this jersey’s many great features.

For a tailored-fit experience in harsh weather conditions, this is a home run!

Sizing Chart

  • WindBlock fabric at chest, arms and sides
  • Back panel in breathable, active carbon moisture-wicking material
  • Dirt, water and stain resistant fabric coating
  • Brush Guard fabric protection on elbows.
  • Shoulder Brush Guard with anti-slip function for improved backpack fit
  • Neck collar design for use with or without a neck brace
  • Tailored stretch fit for riding with or without body armor
  • Zipper pocket with microfiber goggle wiper
  • Size:
    • XS-XXL
Part Number For Offline Orders:
#XS Ink: 5019010390
#S Ink: 5019010391
#M Ink: 5019010392
#L Ink: 5019010393
#XL Ink: 5019010394