athleteTyler McCaul


Tyler has lived on two wheels ever since he can remember.  He grew up riding moto, and eventually began riding mountain bikes. Tyler has raced with his older brother Cam since he was young.  They were always told to go fast as opposed to “looking flashy” when they were racing downhill.  It was Cam who got him on a bike without training wheels. Tyler raced downhill competitively until the age of 19.  At that time, he gained a larger interest of freeride and began competing at contests all over the world.  Now, Tyler has become known in the freeride cycling industry and become a common name in the Freeride world.  His passion for the sport shines through in every race he competes in.

Gear Testimonial:

“Neck injuries are a serious worry these days. Leatt was the first brand I ever tried when I decided to start wearing a neck brace. They aren’t afraid to be creative and do things a little different, but still stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and performance.  As far as I’m concerned, Leatt is the only brand I will ever need to try.”


DBX 6.5 Neck Brace


Sport: Mountain Biking - Freeride
Date of Birth: 10 July 1989
City: Aptos, California
Country: USA


  • 2018: 6th at Red Bull Rampage
  • 2015: 1st Place Crankworx Dual Speed and Style,
  • 2013: 5th place Red Bull Rampage,
  • 2012: Crankworx Whip-Off World Champion,
  • 2012: 5th place Red Bull Rampage,
  • 2009: 3rd Place Ranchstyle Slopestyle,
  • 2009: 4th Place Crankworx Colorado Slopestyle,
  • 2009: Best Trick Ranchstyle Slopestyle, landed first ever triple tail whip on a mountain bike



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