athleteTrey Canard


Trey has been a long time Leatt athlete since his amateur days. He is one of the nicest, most considerate people you’d ever meet, but also one of the fiercest competitors on the track. With a Supercross Lites title in just his rookie season and a HUGE “come from behind” Motocross Lites Championship under his belt, Trey knows what it takes to win.

He also understands the value of safety. Having been involved in one of the most horrific SX accidents in the modern era (Los Angeles 2012), Trey is adamant about what safety gear he chooses to wear. A Leatt athlete from day 1, Trey continues to be a huge voice for safety in general.

Gear Testimonial:

“I’ve been in the Leatt neck brace for 10 years now and it has only gotten better. It’s exciting to see where the technology is going and to have the peace of mind that the brace will do its job.” – Trey Canard.

Leatt Gear: GPX 6.5 Neck Brace


Sport: Supercross/Motocross (450 MX)
Date of Birth: 17 September 1990
City: Edmond, Oklahoma
Country: USA


  • 2017: After a 10 year relationship with Honda Racing, Trey made the switch to KTM Factory Racing.
  • 2016: 6th place overall AMA Supercross
  • 2015: 1st at Monster Energy AMA Supercross
  • 2014: 3rd place overall AMA Pro Motocross
  • 2014 – Out with injuries, Trey raced the last 5 rounds of the AMA Monster Energy Supercross placing 16th.  He came back strong for the AMA Pro Motocross, placing an impressive 3rd overall
  • 2013: 6th place Monster Energy AMA Supercross
  • 2011: 5th place Monster Energy AMA Supercross
  • 2010: 3rd place Monster Energy AMA Supercross West Lites
  • 2010: Monster Energy AMA Supercross Rising Star Award
  • 2010: 1st Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Lites
  • 2010: Team Champion, 3rd Place MX2 Class Motocross of Nations
  • 2009: 6th place in Monster Energy AMA Supercross West Lites
  • 2008: 1st at Monster Energy AMA Supercross East Lites (rookie season)
  • 2007: Eight Amateur titles in 2007
  • 2007: AMA Horizon Award