athleteSlavik Hannes


He started riding BMX at the age of 7 and never really stopped. Even though he put his focus from BMX on MTB in 2012, a big part of his training is still going down on BMX tracks. Hannes is an absolute 4X expert and was leading the final of the UCI 4x World Championships in 2015 and 2016. He got his silver medal there, but those stripes are still on his to do list.

The constant podium rider of the Downmall Tour has a lot of experience in head-to-head racing and he also studied sport science. It definitely makes sense that the Austrian Cycling Federation offered him the job as National BMX and 4x Coach.

Because two bikes are not enough, he is always searching for some challenges. In photo and video projects he shows off with some impressive bike skills on the Enduro and DH bike too.

Photo Credit: Markus Slavik Photography


Date of Birth: 08/02/1989
City: Vienna
Country: Austria



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