athleteRene Hofer


Rene is a 16-year-old dirtbiker who is traveling all over the world to live his dream and is making waves as he goes.

His interest in motocross started at the age of three. Unable to yet ride his bicycle, he still managed to ride his 50cc KTM like a pro!

He went on to compete internationally and today he is a Junior World and European Champion (85cc, 2016).

Still in school, Rene juggles homework and racing. He is currently leading the EMX125 European Championship as a part of the KTM Junior Racing Team.


“I have been part of the Leatt family for a couple of years now, I am still really excited to work with this amazing company. There are so many friendly people around me and I just love the Leatt products. And as you all know, it’s Safety First!” he says.



Date of Birth: 4 January 2002
City: Alberndorf
Country: Austria
Sport: MX
Class: EMX125


  • 2016: Junior World and European Champion 85cc



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