athleteRachel Gutish


Growing up, Rachel’s dad owned a motorcycle shop. He came from a racing background and saw the interest she had at a young age.

At the age of five years old, Rachel learned how to ride a bicycle – and from that moment, her parents knew that she was ready to start riding a motorcycle.

Two years later, she started racing. At the age of 15 years old, she entered her first professional race.

Gear Testimonial:

“Safety is critical in extreme sports because the consequences can be devastating. I wear Leatt’s neck brace because I believe they have a superior design and technology. I trust them to keep me as safe as anyone can be in a sport like this. I never ride without my Leatt neck brace – never!”


GPX 6.5 Neck Brace

Race Hydration

Images: © Beth Latham / Tomboy Barbie Photography (featured and first image) and Drew Ruiz (rest).


Date of Birth: 3/16/1996
City: Terre Haute, IN
Country: USA
Sport: Off-Road
Class: GNCC and Endurocross - WMX


2016: 1st Place TKO Extreme Enduro Women’s Pro

2015: First Woman finisher at King of the Motos

2015: 2nd Place Endurocross WMX

2015: ISDE Silver Medal

2015: 1st Place TKO Extreme Enduro Women’s Pro

2014: X-Games Bronze Medal for Women’s Enduro-X

2013: ISDE Silver Medalist