athleteMartin Zietsman


Martin started riding in 1999 and fell in love with mountain bikes. He rode downhill, dirt jumping and 4X for six years.

He then quit riding for eight years due to injuries but rediscovered his greatest life passion in 2014. A South African, he moved to the UK in 2017, and is now following his dream of being an engineer and a pro-Enduro racer abroad.

Gear Testimonial:

“When you’re riding and racing on the edge in a sport where finding your limits normally involves accidents and injury, I am so happy to know I have Leatt’s products keeping me safe. Every single time I’ve hit the dirt, from the small to the major crashes, I’ve managed to walk away thanks to Leatt’s kit. When your equipment also looks this good and is this comfortable, you know you’re backed by the best.”



Leatt DBX 6.0 Bicycle Helmet

Leatt DBX 6.5 Bicycle Neck Brace

Leatt DBX 5.0 Knee Guards

Leatt DBX 4.0 Bicycle Gloves

Leatt DBX 4.0 Bicycle Jersey

Leatt DBX 4.0 Bicycle Shorts

Leatt DBX Cargo Bicycle Hydration


Date of BIrth: 7/27/1984
City: Leicester
Country: South Africa/ Britain
Sport: Enduro


2017: 2nd Master Overall- Welsh Gravity Enduro Series

2017: 3rd Master – Scottish Enduro Series

2016: 1st Overall (Enduro Category) – WP DH Series

2016: 3rd Overall – WP Enduro Series, 30th – Mavic Trans Provence




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