athleteMarcel Merkeli


If you have ever seen him pedaling out of the start gate, his roots won´t surprise you. After successfully racing XC where he always had more fun downhill than uphill, he visited a bike park for the first time and loved it.

He started to ride at bike parks every weekend without thinking about racing, until his Dad convinced him to race the International Rookies Championships in 2014. Finishing second at his first-ever race showed everyone that this kid is fast! So, he continued to race. Two years later, he won the European Cup overall and put himself on the podium of the German Cup overall too.

Coming in hot for 2017, he broke his collarbone in the team camp even before hearing the start clock for the first time that year. But he wouldn’t be Marcel if he did not come back just as fast as he crashed. In September, he won his first German Cup race of the year and at the end of the month, he stood on the overall podium again. Never underestimate this kid!


Date of Birth: 10.01.2000
City: Großerlach
Country: Germany
Team: Propain Gravity Union


2014: 2nd place at International Rookies Championship

2016: Won European Cup overall





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