athleteLutz Weber


Growing up with two bicycle enthusiasts as parents, Lutz learned early on how to ride (and crash) a bike. He started mountain biking with his brother, who taught him how to ride self-built jumps in the backyard and hit the local trails on very cheap hardtails. More than 10 years (and probably bikes) later, he is still the same guy, but he races for a professional bike team called Hiag Data – NS Bikes Factory Racing.

“I have won two national titles, am about to finish my studies in tourism and have nice long hair on my head, so it’s going pretty well. Besides mountain biking, I like travelling, going for a huge brunch with my girl, having a good beer after a ride and cracking silly comments on Noel Niederbergers red hair,” he said.


Date of Birth: 4 December 1992
City: Laax
Country: Switzerland
Team: HIAG Data - NS Bikes Factory Racing


Swiss National Champion




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