athleteLiam Philips


Liam started cycling at the young age of only five years old (1994), and by the time he was about ten years old (1999), he had already claimed his first European BMX Championship title. At the age of 19 years old, he went to the Beijing Olympic Games where BMX made its first appearance as a sport.

The young Englishman showed potential to partake in the Track Sprint team, but he decided against it and stuck with BMX instead – his true passion. He was crowned champion at the BMX World Championship in 2012. Misfortune struck in the Supercross World Cup when Liam broke his collarbone and had to sit out for ten weeks of the 2012 London Olympic Games. He bravely managed to take part in the finals, but ended up crashing out of the race when he lost his footing.

Liam has become well-known for his strength, maturity and determination as he managed to bounce back from all of the setbacks that came over his professional career’s path. Losing out on his Olympic medal did not crush his spirit, and he ended up winning all of his races in 2013 at the BMX World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand. He ended the year on a high note by being crowned World Champion. Although Liam was unable to keep his World Championship title for another year in 2014, he did become the first British male to win the UCI Supercorss World Cup series, and is hoping to bring back a medal from the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Liam’s character has become a beacon of hope to others and he has proven himself to be a true role model to young up-and-coming cyclists.

Leatt Gear: DBX 6.5 Neck Brace, Elbow Guards, Knee Guards, Body Protection



Sport: BMX
Date of Birth: 11 March 1989
City: Manchester
Country: UK


  • 2015: BMX Supercross World Cup Champion

Gold – BMX SX World Cup (Arg)

Gold – BMX SX World Cup (Swe)

Gold – BMX SX World Cup (UK)

  • 2014: BMX Supercross World Cup Champion

Gold and Silver – BMX SX World Cup (Arg)

Silver and Bronze – BMX SX World Cup (Ned)

2x Gold – BMX SX World Cup (UK) 2x Gold

  • 2013: Gold – BMX World Championships

2x Gold – BMX SX World Cup (UK)

  • 2012: Silver – BMX SX World Cup (Nor)

Silver – BMX SX World Cup (UK)

  • 2010: Silver – BMX SX World Cup (Den)