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Moving into year six of full competition mode, Joshua Rogers steps up to the Elite/Pro class this season. With 36 podiums over 62 races, Joshua is excited for the 2017 season.

Joshua first strapped on a Leatt neck brace back in 2006 and is still rocking Leatt to this day. He comes from a moto background, but his passion is downhill mountain bike racing.

Whenever Joshua is on his bike, it is a great day – no matter what bike, what type of riding, or the type of training. He still rides moto for cross-training and for the pure love of moto sports.

Joshua is also known as “Juice”, the outgoing and funny guy who loves putting smiles on people’s faces. As a first-year Elite/Pro, Juice is looking for good things to happen. Riding with seasoned Pros this off-season has put Joshua in a good place. He’s ready to enter the Elite/Pro class to turn some heads and create some surprises.


Gear Testimonial:

“The first thing most people think of when they think of Leatt is safety, and I would agree. I also add trustworthy, because they stand behind every product they make. The new 2017 bike line is incredible. Knees pads are comfortable, light and stay in place and the helmet is light, breathes well, and gives you that extra protection with the 360° Turbine Technology. The Jerseys, gloves, pants and shorts are the best I’ve worn over my six years of racing. I’m ecstatic to be a member of the Leatt family for 2017 and beyond.”


DBX 6.5/5.5 Helmet

DBX 6.5 Neck Brace

DBX Apparel

3DF 5.0 Knee Guards

3DF AirFit Lite Body Vest


Date of Birth: 4/24/1998
City: Clayton, NC
Sport: Mountain Bike – DH
Class: Elite/Pro


  • 2016: USA MTB World Championship Team member
  • 2016: 2nd overall USA Pro GRT – Junior Men
  • 2016: Won 1st Pro GRT Junior Men’s Race in Snowshoe, WV
  • 2015: USA MTB World Championship Team member
  • 2015: 8th in qualifying and 11th in finals at UCI Junior World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra
  • Qualified top twenty in four UCI Junior World Cups





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