athleteFilip Polc


Filip developed his love for bikes at the young age of four years old. He started in the cyclotrial discipline, and then moved on to the BMX line after two years of preparation.

He has become a well-known mountain bike rider in his country and has really made a name for himself in the industry – internationally.

Filip took part in the European Championship in Switzerland in 1990, making it to the semi-finals. That same year, he participated in the World Championship in France, ending up in the quarter final. Filip had developed a liking to both BMX and Cross-Country MTB by 1994 and started to manage his time so that he could do both. He eventually made the switch to full-time mountain biking in 1996. His love for bikes led to him experimenting with extreme urban downhill riding, and he competed in a variety of contests, including the Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo, the the Bratislav City Downhill, and winning at Descida das Escadas de Santos in Brazil in 2013. He is still a well-known name today, racing amongst the best riders in the industry and is a proud ambassador for Leatt.

Leatt Gear: DBX Helmet, DBX 6.5 Neck Brace, Hydration, Knee Guards, Elbow Guards



Sport: Urban Downhill and Downhill Mountain Biking
Date of Birth: 10 April 1982
City: Pezinok
Country: Slovakia


  • 2014: City Downhill World Champion
  • 2013: International Champion of Downhill Taxco in Mexico
  • 2011: Valparaiso Downhill Champion
  • 2010: Valparaiso Downhill Champion
  • 2008: National Champion of Downhill four-cross in Slovakia
  • 2007: National Champion of Downhill in Slovakia
  • 2006: National Downhill Champion in Slovakia



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