athleteErik Emmrich


Erik is living proof that Fourcross is not dead! Just like many other XC riders, he realized that there are more fun ways to use a bike. Inspired by videos, he put his Dad´s way too big helmet on his small head at the age of 9 years to race his first 4X race. He had to do that for two more times before getting his own helmet to start his career.

After dominating the junior category for years, he got onto a Downhill bike in famous San Remo for the fist time. He got on that bike two more times that year, just to win a Rookies Cup race and to become vice national champ after that. Although he was successful with that amount of suspension, he sticks to his hardtail. After becoming old enough for the big boy´s races in 2018, there is no doubt he will achieve his goal and qualify for 4X World Champs.


Team: Propain Gravity Union
Date of Birth: 17.02.2001
City: Illertissen
Country: Germany



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