athleteEmilie Siegenthaler


Emilie is a Swiss Downhill Mountain Biker who started riding bikes from a very young age. She started mountain biking because her father was a cross-country racer in the 90’s. She did cross-country racing for quite some time, but then moved on to Downhill in 2007.

After having done cross-country racing for almost ten years, she developed health problems that made continuing difficult – crushing her dream of competing in the Olympics. She made the switch to downhill mountain biking and when she did well in her first race, it became her new passion.

She is a Pivot Cycles Factory Rider and a six-times Swiss National Champion (2008-2014).

Leatt Gear: GPX 6.5 Neck Brace.


Sport: Downhill Mountain Biking
Date of Birth: 19 September 1986
City: Biel
Country: Switzerland


  • 2015: 7th in Crankworx Whistler – FOX Air Downhill (Elite Women Downhill)
  • 2015: 5th in NW Cup – USA Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour GRT (Pro Women)
  • 2015: 4th in DS118 Sea Otter Classic (Pro Women)
  • 2015: 5th in DH133 Sea Otter Classic (Pro Women)
  • 2014: Swiss National Champion
  • 2014: 4th in UCI World Cup DHI Round 3 (Elite Women Downhill)
  • 2013: 4th in UCI World Cup XCO 5/ DHI 4 (Elite Women Downhill)
  • 2013: Swiss National Champion
  • 2013: 5th in the NW Cup USA Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour GRT (Pro Women)
  • 2013: 7th in UCI World Cup DHII
  • 2012: 5th Overall in World Cup
  • 2012: Swiss National Champion
  • 2012: 4th in Mont St. Anne and Windham World Cups
  • 2011: Swiss National Champion
  • 2011: 5th in UCI MTB World Cup
  • 2010: Swiss National Champion
  • 2009: Swiss National Champion
  • 2008: Swiss National Champion



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