athleteAndi Tillmann


Andi Tillman is from Munich and a freeracer by heart.

“I love going as fast as I can and push myself every time I jump on my Gambler and spice it up with some flips and cancans. Some would say I look wild on film but that is actually just my sloppy line choices and me trying to survive. But hey, it’s a matter of perspective I guess. For me riding stylishly and powerfully yet effortlessly is what I try to achieve the most when I ride bikes. There is no better feeling than really just feel the bike as an extension of your body and let it play with the surface. I can’t think of a better sport than mountain biking. Incredible community, friends, nature, Whistler (I’d give this its own category) fun and aspiration. I am thankful for bikes that shaped my life and to Leatt for keeping me and my line choices alive for so long!” he says.


Date of Birth: 7 September 1988
City: Munich
Country: Bavaria



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