athleteAdam Sterry


Adam started riding a bike from a very young age after his dad bought one for him when he was six years old. He was immediately hooked and would ride laps in their garden for hours.

Even though neither him nor his dad had a motocross background, the racing bug bit them and Adam started competing at local races.

He was rewarded with a successful amateur career, reaping several youth British Championships, as well as a World Championship. When he was 15 years old, he started racing professionally.

Adam is now a professional motocross rider racing the MX2 world championship for F&H Racing Team.

When he is not on his motorbike, he likes to cycle and go mountain biking which he also uses for training.

Gear Testimonial:

“I have worn Leatt for a few years now and I couldn’t be happier with the products. A neck brace is very important and I wouldn’t ride without it. They are also so light that I can’t even tell that I have it on!”



Date of Birth: 9/2/1996
City: Chester
Country: UK
Sport: Motocross
Class: MX2


  • 2016: Maxxis British Champion
  • 2014: 3rd in the Maxxis British Championship and 3rd in the European EMX250 Championship
  • 2013: 7th in the Maxxis British Championship and 21st in the European EMX250 Championship
  • 2012: First year being a Professional with a 14th in the Maxxis British Championship
  • 2011: MXY2 250cc 2nd, BYMX 250cc 2nd. Youngest ever race and round winner
  • 2010: 85cc British Masters Champion, BYMX Champion and 3rd in the European 150cc Championship



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