athleteAdam McGill


Adam has always known and liked racing as he grew up in a racing family in the USA. He grew up with both semi late and quad racing, but always preferred quad. When Adam was 14 years old he got his second quad, a Honda 400EX. He started competing in local races and shortly before his 16th birthday, he started competing in national events. Since he was still young, his father had to sign him in for these races, but Adam was determined to race. Driven by his love for the sport, it took priority over other school activities. It was clear that racing was in his blood. He moved up to a Honda 450R in 2004 and raced in eight Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) events. By 2005, Adam made the podium a Pro Am Racer, securing 2nd place overall at the John Penton Race. At the time, he was the youngest person ever to be in the top three overall position in a GNCC race.

2005 was his glory year as he went on to win the GNCC Pro Am Championship, as well as the AMA ATVA Amateur Rider of the Year award. Industry leaders started to take notice of him. By 2008, he had signed a contract with Factory KTM and that same year he won four GNCC races as well as a few others, and ended 3rd place overall that year. He stayed with Factory KTM the following year and managed to race consistently and again ended up in 3rd place overall. He had the opportunity to travel to France for the challenging Pont de Vaux Race and his team placed 2nd overall (2008). He returned to France in 2013 to once again compete in the race, but engine trouble held him back. However, their team now holds the record for the fastest lap time and they won the pole position for fastest qualifier (2013). Even with the engine failure, McGill’s team managed to secure 8th place overall. Adam moved on to sign a two-year contract with Warnert Racing Can-Am (2010) and finished the year with 3rd place. In the following year, he won two GNCC races and secured 2nd place for the race season.

In 2013, Adam branded himself with the number 521 – five being the number that he earned when he started his KTM Factory career and 21 being the number his dad had on his race car. Now running his own program, he is back on the Honda 450R. He has managed to consistently keep five national rankings for three years whilst racing privately. He also started McGill Mafia, where he sells fan gear and with the aim to form an inspiring community for his fans, which he refers to as ‘family members’.

Gear Testimonial:

“I have been wearing Leatt products for 9 years and would never ride unprotected again.  The speeds we go and the obstacles we encounter would make me second guess with other equipment.  In 2016 I added the Leatt Helmet to my list of safety equipement with the Leatt Neck Brace.   The fit and finish of their products along with their customer support and product development keep me coming back year after year.”


GPX 6.5 Helmet

GPX 6.5 Neck Brace



Sport: Off-Road ATV
Date of Birth: 29 May 1987
City: Parkersburg, VA
Country: USA


  • 2018: 1st at FMF Racing Steele Creek GNCC
  • 2015: Ranking 2nd Nationally
  • 2010: Finished 3rd Nationally
  • 2009: Finished 3rd Nationally
  • 2008: Finished 3rd Nationally
  • 2006: Won The General in Washington GA by 6 minutes over second place finisher
  • 2005: GNCC Pro Am Champion
  • 2005: AMA ATVA Amateur Rider of the Year
  • 2005: Youngest GNCC racer to podium (overall)





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