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Aaron’s mother and family fled Hungary and came to the US when his mother was still very young. “I’m half Hungarian and always hungry!” he says.

His dad bought him a MTB when he was in the 4th grade. From then on, they hit every trail and race they could until he graduated high school.  At that time, he was discovered by Cannondale. Aaron’s career began in the late 90’s as a dual slalom race machine.  In the 2000’s he competed in every slopestyle/ freeride contest there was.  One could say he was in action sports before it was called action sports.

“I love the speed and control a MTB gives you.  I can fly through the trees and off huge jumps and stop on a dime.  I love the control I have over the bike,” says Chase.

Nowadays, millions of people watch his adventures online through, GoPro channels and his personal Social Media channels.

His best achievement in 2018 was when he released his MtnMods Series with Red Bull. It is a show where he built the wildest stunts and show the viewer how to build and even ride it.

“My goal for this year is to ride to my fullest and put out compelling content. My YouTube channel is building and I’m heading to Iceland to ride out to a remote plane crash high up in the glacier mountains! I love exploring on my bike!” he says.

Gear Testimonial:

“You only need to land on your head once while wearing a neck brace and you will never go without it. When I hit the dirt, and feel the support of my neck brace and helmet, I feel lucky for having it on.  It’s also comfortable for me, so I don’t feel like I’m giving up on comfort for safety.  I ride all kinds of bikes and terrains and I look for a company that supports my efforts and work as hard as I do to keep me safe. Leatt has all the right equipment for my next ride.”





Date of Birth: 11/17/1978
City: Vernon, NJ
Country: USA
Sport: Freeride/Content Producer


  • Combing Valparaiso Hills – 12 Million hits. Watch here.
  • Lost in Peru – 6 Million hits. Watch here.
  • Red Bull District Ride – 4 Million hits. Watch here.
  • Through My Eyes – Mexican cave drops – 5 million hits. Watch here.
  • Open loops with Aaron Chase – 1 Million hits. Watch here.
  • 2017 winner Red Bull Illume photo contest. Watch  here.





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