athleteAnton Wünscher


Racing has deep roots in Anton’s bloodline. His great-grandfather raced in the early days of fast cars and, since both his grandfather and his dad were racing Motocross, Anton grew up riding bikes – with and without an engine.

After a few years of racing Motocross and riding bikes for fun, he went to Canada after finishing High School. Not having his motorbike there, he focused more on non-motorized bikes and rode his first race in 2012. He continued to race after returning to Germany and became one of the fastest riders in Germany.

Although things like winning the super muddy German Cup in Brandnertal and finishing the season with fifth place overall are great accomplishments, his favorite bike-related moments do not include a ticking clock. Being not only fast but also steezy, he does a lot photo and video projects and loves travelling with his bikes. This variety makes him a real all-round rider to keep an eye on!


Date of Birth: 01.12.1993
City: Bad Soden
Country: Germany
Team: Propain Gravity Union



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