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Motocross Helmet Buyer’s Guide: Top MX Lids for 2018 – Includes Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon

Dirt Bike Magazine published ‘Motocross Helmet Buyer’s Guide: An Inside Look at the top MX Lids for 2018’ in their May 2018 print issue and included our Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet.

“Leatt’s GPX 6.5 Carbon is its high-end model and uses 360° Turbine Technology turbines made of 3D-molded energy- absorbing material. This technology targets the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorption of energy upon impact at concussion level. It’s molded from an energy-absorbing material that hardens on impact. A 10-percent-smaller shell transfers up to 20 percent less rotational force to the neck, head and brain,” they said.


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