“…they were worried about blood on my brain.”

My name is Kyle Zirbes, I’m 18 years old and live in central Minnesota.
On June 28th I was racing in Mora Minnesota, at Berm Benders Raceway. It was the first moto of 250c (we were the 19th race of the day the track was very rough), and I was in 6th place passing for 5th when I lost the front end coming down the largest strait away. I don’t remember anything of that day, I just know of what I have been told. I was most likely in 4th gear tapped coming down. I cartwheeled over the bars and came down on my back/neck, and I was knocked unconscious. I was taken by ambulance to the Mora hospital but airlifted to St. Cloud hospital because they were worried about blood on my brain. I had a severe concussion and a T1 fracture in my neck. I truly believe that I would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the quality product that you guys make, and that I was fortunate enough to be wearing it. So, thank you very much.


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