“The Leatt Brace saved me from a broken neck.”

The Leatt Brace saved me from a broken neck in 2010! I was racing Ponca City the week before Loretta’s and went over the bars in a small rhythm section. I went over so fast that my knees trapped by arms behind the bars and I couldn’t put my arms out to break my fall. I fell directly on top of my head and thought for sure that I have broken my neck. I felt zinging through one of my arms and a lot of pain in my neck. I told all the track people to say away from me until the ambulance arrived.

Slowly, I started feeling better, took my helmet off and walked to the ambulance. At the hospital everything checked out okay.
When I returned to my pit later that night, my mechanic brought my Leatt Brace over to me and said: “Take a look at this!”
The back of my Leatt Brace was completely splintered and shattered – your brace saved me from a broken neck!

One week later, I went on to win one of my four Loretta Lynn Championships. My entire family uses Leatt Braces, and we would not go on the track without it!

Best Regards… Matt Tedder Sr


Dakota Tedder #59 - 2015 Pro Supercross


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