“Thank goodness for this helmet!”

I purchased a Leatt 5.5 helmet a year ago after researching the best helmets you can buy. I wanted it for the safety and the airflow it provided.

I race off-road in the Pro class, and last weekend I was racing on a high spend section. I was probably doing 80mph on a single track, fast sweeping turn that got beat in from the previous loops.

Going around this turn 5th gear wide open on my 450, my rear tire slipped into the whoops causing the bike to be blown out from under me, sending me airborne.

I hit face first on rocks, completely splitting the chin bar in half with many other chips out of it. I don’t know if another brand would have held up to that impact. I swear, buy these helmets to protect your head! I immediately bought another the next day. Thank goodness for this helmet!!!



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