“Thank you everyone at Leatt for making this product and continuing to produce gear that keeps riders safe”

Dear Leatt,

I wanted to take a moment to thank your company for your continued support of the sport I love so much. I have been wearing Leatt Products for nearly 10 years now and unfortunately had a chance to truly test one of your products this past weekend.

On November 11th, 2018 I woke up at 04:30 to load up the van with my gear and KTM 300 to make the 3-hour trek to Hemingway Butte in SW Idaho to race in the SIDRA Chris Johnson Memorial Sprint Enduro. Got registered and inspected for the race and went back to the van to gear up.

Part of my kit for the past 2.5 years is the Leatt Fusion 3.0. I absolutely love it, because I want the most protection I can comfortably wear when riding and racing off road and this piece of equipment fits the bill. Prior to this I had an older GPX MOTO brace paired to a TLD 5955 chest protector, the chest protector didn’t offer as much protection as the fusion nor did the pair work in unison like the fusion.

Anyhow, the first 32 mile loop I was flying and riding better than I ever have and opened up nearly a 4 minute lead on 2nd place. I went out after a short pit for the 2nd and final loop confident and still riding like my 300 were on rails.

About 2/3’s of the way through the second loop disaster struck. The next thing I knew there was a paramedic standing with me and my bike was laying in the brush about 10’ off course. I had no recollection of the incident and I was too far out in front for anyone else to witness the wreck. After a few minutes I was able to recall where I was and why I was there. I was checked out in by EMT’s from the Murphy Ambulane service and given a curtesy ride back to the pits. The EMT’s told me I had a concussion, but was very lucky. After I got back to the pits and looked over my gear I realized how lucky I truly was. My neck was very sore and after looking at my Leatt Fusion I know why. Apparently the force of the impact was enough to completely snap the neck brace portion of the product from the chest protector portion.

Due to the fact that I lost consciousness and memory during the event I cannot confirm if I landed on my head 1st or not, but judging by the soreness in my neck, shoulders and chin I know the Leatt Fusion did it’s job and protected me from an upper spinal chord injury. I already bought into the company after buying myself the fusion 3.0 and my 5-year-old daughter the fusion 2.0. Now I am a believer that neck braces and helmets should be on the top of every riders list for investment in their health.

I am writing this letter to say thank you everyone at Leatt for making this product and continuing to produce gear that keeps riders safe.

Your Friend and Fan,

Kyle Negus
Orovada, NV



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