See how much the Leatt can help prevent your child from serious injury

As a parent I just happened to catch my youngest son, Cole Coker #7 50CC 8 years old, crash on video and thought we should share so other parents can actually see how much the Leatt can help prevent your child from serious injury.
A few years ago I started my next chapter in life as a MX rider parent of young boys. After their initiation into their first MOTO, I realized as a parent this was another level of riding and we needed to jump to the next level of safety gear. When I grew up it was hiking boots, helmet and whatever gloves a little kid could find. The boys were fitted with the basic neck brace and full chest protectors and off they went for the next year learning the ropes and competing.

Then the next chapter in life was watching my 8 year old hit a double on his 50cc right in front of me. Although it was perfect and graceful, my hand started to shake as if it was his first jump all over again. That next week I ordered the best neck braces I could find which were Leatt and my youngest Cole started wearing the GPX 5.5 junior.

On February 17th 2014, just a few months after he began wearing his new Leatt neck brace, my youngest son was on his second day of full practice at Club Moto MX in Livermore, CA getting ready for his 4th Moto in the CMC Golden State Series North the following weekend. I videoed one kid up the hill and then focused it on the area were Cole was going to pop out, sun shining on the viewer, I just tried to keep the blur in the center of the screen. He hit the little downhill jump and the blur was right in the center, then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I realized Cole’s bike was flipping and Cole was launched, down the hill, in a flash. I closed the camera slowly and tried to remain calm which we all know is a hard trick for a parent to do in these instances.


As I approached Cole, he was already getting on feet and breathing hard. He was not crying but just breathing hard. I asked him if anything hurt, He just pointed to his hip. I asked if he could move all his hands and everything, He nodded a “Yes” then looked at me in frustration and said, “ I am taking a BREAK”. I told him that was a great idea and we walked up the hill and picked up his bent up “NEW” bike, fired it up and he rode off the hill. By the time I got back to the trailer, he was asking me if he could go back on track. I told him to hang out a little bit longer and then he could go back out, but on his other Cobra, the crashed one Daddy needed to check out first.

Within 15 minutes after his crash, he was back on the track, and did not miss a beat. I was absolutely amazed and glad to see because young children cannot communicate like adults, but watching him continue to ride and hit all the jumps, not one sign of being timid, just as he left off was a testament he was all GOOD. He just survived a very violent crash and was not hurt one bit. It was a very good feeling knowing all that safety gear actually worked and we finished the day like all others. Cole was able to finish and become the series Champion in the weeks ahead for both Class and Open. A huge “Thank You” goes out to Leatt for making the equipment that allows all our children to compete in a risky sport but with the protection that allows us parents to catch a little more sleep at night.


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