“Overall I am VERY impressed with this product “

I was recently in a pretty bad accident I landed on top of a down bike coming down from a jump I was ejected 30ft off of my bike landing on my head, I ended up breaking my t7 t8 t9 and t10 in my back as well as my left humerus and a bruised lung. But because I was wearing the Leatt 4.5 v24 helmet I had ZERO damage to my head or brain in this crash even though I landed on my head with extreme force. No concussion, not even as much as a headache after, and because of how light weight the helmet was it also minimalized the force on my neck as well and had no damage to my neck during this crash. It was very easy for EMT staff to remove as well. Over all I am VERY impressed with this product especially for its price point. I will definitely purchase again and in addition will be adding a neck brace to the list as well!

Ashley Volner


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