“If it were not for that there is know way I would have gotten up”

This Story starts back in March of 2020. On a quick mtb ride I crashed hard and bruised my liver. I was only wearing helmet but my torso took all impact as did my ribs and liver. After taking a few months to recover I got back on the bike and started riding again, unwilling to injure my ribs and liver again i purchased your 4.5 chest protector. Fast forward to September on 2020 wearing the 4.5 chest protector I came off a drop sideways after burping my rear tire and fell at speed over 12 feet. After ejecting from the bike I hit the ground square on my back. When i hit the ground I laid there frozen from the hardest impact of my life. To my surprise after a few seconds I realized I could feel my legs, even better I could move my toes! Holy !@#$ I CAN GET UP! I got up and walked off the trail, aside from bruising from my hip to ankle i was perfectly fine. Your chest protector saved my back and my ribs and all my organs, If it were not for that there is know way i would have gotten up. My fiance and I are forever in debt to this company. Leatt you have saved my life!

Kyle H
United States


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