“My Leatt neck brace saved my life”

I was in the home stretch of a 250 mile off-road race this past Saturday, as it was the first race of the new season defending last year’s SCORE International Off-Road World Professional Motorcycle Championship. About one mile from the finish, a spectator drove their truck past the police barricades and onto the racecourse heading the wrong direction. I was in the middle of a 50 foot wide, nice, flat graded dirt road going about 90 mph and we collided head-on with her going about 30 mph. I landed over 50 yards away from the bike and pretty busted up. There were a couple hundred of spectators trying to pull off my helmet and boots. I did everything I could to maintain consciuosness to keep everyone away from trying to play doctor on my and potentially make things worse. Fortunately, there were a couple of local EMS personnel who I instructed to find duct tape and tape me and my helmet to a board. About an hour later, the ambulance arrived and tended to me, including the ugly job of replacing my left leg in the socket as my toes were pointed in the opposite direction. Roger Norman (president of SCORE) was great and hopped into the ambulance with me and waited until the helicopter arrived and took me to a plane at the San Felipe airport. I was at the UCSD Medical Center a few hours later where their trauma team worked on me into the night.

With that said my current prognosis is that both knees are destroyed and need to be rebuilt from scratch. Not one ligament or tendon survived the crash. My left shoulder has a small crack, but will heal on its own. No head or spine injuries. No breaks. My Leatt neck brace saved my life. It looks as if SCORE has the costs of the emergency transportation (ambulance, helicopter and plane) and the initial hospital stay at the UCSD Medical center. The VA will cover all follow-up medical including MRI’s, X-Rays, blood work and about a dozen surgeries. I lucked out and had a wheelchair and walker donated.

Anyway, there is no way around this, as it’s going to be challenging and not comfortable. The good news is that I am here, will recover fully and hopefully back with everyone, soon.
Needless to say, I have a very long journey ahead and it’s going to be hard.

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