“My family are all very thankful for your safety gear”

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to write a note to thank everyone at Leatt for making products to help protect my son when he is racing his dirt bike.  Hunter has been racing motocross for the past 5 years and is currently a factory Yamaha 85cc racer.

Hunter has always worn both Leatt neck braces and chest protectors and he refuses to even get on his bike without them.  Because he rides with them both every time he doesn’t feel right not wearing them.

A few months back hunter fell during practice and the bike was stuck on top of him.  He fell over in a sand section and as he tried to push himself up to get the bike off of him he was pushed deeper in the sand and unable to get the bike off.  He laid under his bike for a couple minutes before someone was able to get to him to take the bike off.  Hunter’s jersey and chest protector was melted from the heat of the pipe and he was very lucky that his back didn’t get burnt.

Two weeks ago when my son was racing in Texas at the Freestone Amateur National, his bike had a problem that caused him to crash.  Hunter went head first into the face of a jump and his bike landed on his back.  Hunter broke his T4 and T5 vertebrae and fractured three other.  His injury was very serious and because he was wearing his Leatt neck brace and chest protector my son was able to walk out of the hospital.  The doctors told us that if he would have had .08% more of an impact we would have a very different outcome.

We know that racing dirt bikes can be very dangerous and that is why we make sure Hunter is always as protected as possible.  Hunter and my family are all very thankful for your safety gear and very grateful.

Thank you.

Kari Cross
(Mother – Hunter Cross)

Hunter also made his own post on his website at www.cross71.com and posted it on his FB page https://www.facebook.com/hunter.cross.161







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