“Life is slowly returning to normal and I have the whole Leatt company to thank for that”

On July 30th 2016, I was riding at my private practice track in Minnesota where I had a substantial MX accident.  I was going over a 40’ step down jump in 3rd gear and went off the lip. I’m not sure what happened. I looked over at the bike in the superman position and knew I was in trouble. I was off the bike and the bike was nosing down.

After that, I woke up being strapped to a back board.  I suffered multiple broken bones, pelvis, hand, and the worst being a cervical C2 fracture.  I had no real idea that I had damaged my spine at that time. I felt no pain in my neck.  My broken pelvis hurt the worst and my broken hand fell in behind that. Only in the emergency room did I find out about my fractured C2.

It was then that I became forever grateful to Leatt for the neck brace that saved my life.  I always wear my Leatt neck brace and the cervical fracture caused no spinal cord damage and no instability.  I am so fortunate that Leatt products are so well developed!  It truly saved me from death or becoming a quadriplegic. I am now a 3% survivor of a C2 fracture thanks to Leatt.

My son DJ has worn the Fusion 2.0 protection since he started riding as well. We will never ride without out Leatt protective gear on! Ever!

Life is slowly returning to normal and I have the whole Leatt company to thank for that.


5X X-games Adaptive Sno-x competitor
National ISOC Adaptive Sno-X competitor

Read his Neurologic Report here


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