“If you think you’re invincible and incapable of getting seriously injured, you’re wrong.”

If you think you’re invincible and incapable of getting seriously injured, you’re wrong. You will fall, that’s how you get better and learn, it’s the fact of riding.

The questions no one can answer is when, how hard, and how extensive the injuries will be. It’s been three weeks since I was practicing for a simple arena cross. I hit a tractor tire fast enough that it ended up flying me and my bike over the arena gate. I landed on compact dirt and the bike was on top of me. Together with everything, it was a good 40 feet.

People who saw it later told me that they didn’t want to go over there in fear of seeing a dead body. My uncle (who saw it) was one of the first ones over there. He went as fast as his automatic wheelchair would let him. He’s been paralyzed since he was 7. 38 years old now and being bound to a wheelchair for that long, he’s still the best uncle around.

I was rushed to the hospital and later life flighted. I broke both wrists, a bone in my left arm, I broke the left side of my face, dislocated a hip, and had a few cracked ribs. People say I should be dead, or paralyzed, but I’m not. And I thank God I’m not and that I was wearing the Fusion back and neck brace because it saved my life. And because of that I’ll be able to swing my leg back over a bike again.

These products give you that peace of mind when riding. I for sure will be purchasing more Leatt products before riding again. So, I sincerely thank this company for saving my life after this fall, and for allowing me to be able to get back on one day. Thank you!

Madison Marie Tippetts, Wyoming, USA


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