“…if it was not for my Leatt Brace and Helmet I would not be here to tell the story.”

Hi there

I wanted to let you know about a serious accident I had on the 11th of July in Morzine, France. I was riding my Downhill bicycle down a steep trail when I somehow crashed and fell down the mountain – before falling 40ft off a cliff’s edge and being caught by a tree. This stopped me from falling into the ravine below and subsequently saving my life. I was airlifted to the hospital and knocked unconscious for around five minutes. I was wearing my Leatt DBX 4.0 composite as I have done for every ride since I purchased it two years ago from Chain Reaction Cycles. I walked away from the accident with a broken wrist, sprained wrist, dislocated finger, concussion and some memory loss. I know that, if it was not for my Leatt Brace and Helmet, I would not be here to tell the story. The emergency team removed my helmet and brace intact and I suffered no neck or spinal injury at all. The only visual sign was bruises on my chest from where the brace had pushed down whilst doing its job.

My one frustration through all of this is a couple days before my injury I noticed the material loop which the strap clips on at the back on the brace, had started to fray. It had not been damaged, I had not crashed, but it was fraying from the seam in which it was stitched/attached. I was going to contact you at the time to see if this could be changed under warranty as I believe it should not do that. I take very good care of my brace and I’m so very lucky I was wearing my Leatt at the time of my accident.

My issue is now that my brace is intact except the frayed loop is still as it was, I am frustrated I didn’t get around to raising this with you prior to my Accident as it was not caused by this.

I have attached the photo of my accident and you can also see my bike at the top of the cliff which is where I fell from, after already falling to get to that point.

Through all of this and having to now replace all my equipment as my jersey/shorts/gloves had to be cut off me along with my helmet being toast, I wondered if you could help me sort my brace out so its back to being as new so that the straps can be clipped in without fear of it coming undone and my Leatt becoming loose.

Many thanks in anticipation

Adele Woodbridge




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