“….I wouldn’t be here today”

I was riding in the mountains of Montana with my two buddies Jason Lavigne and Eric Nelson.
It was almost dusk and I was clipping along pretty good and the next thing I know I get knocked off my bike backwards.

I got up and I felt light headed. Then Jason and Eric show up and I’m sitting on a log. I tell them what happened and Eric gives me a bottle of Gatorade. I drink it and they tell me were about 15 minutes from the truck. So I said okay let’s go. I get back to the truck and take off my Leatt adventure chest protector and my Leatt neck brace then I notice blood on my shirt. I mention to Jason at the truck that I have blood on my shirt he tells me not to look at the wound. Let me look at it first. So he takes a look at it and says don’t look at it! Thanks to Jason being prepared having a first aid kit in his backpack he stuck gauze in the wound and wrapped it and I drove to the hospital. I probably shouldn’t have drove but I told him if I had problems I would pull over.

I just want to mention anything can happen when riding. I was wearing my chest protector and neck brace but the stick came at a weird angle and obviously got me in the chest. Thanks to Jason thinking and not havin me look at the wound he possibly prevented me from going into shock . Not to mention having a first aid kit was a big deal. Also want to mention neck braces also protect the neck area even though I didn’t get hit in the neck. If I would have and had no neck protection I wouldn’t be here today.

Blessed to ride again,
Todd Breth




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