“I was told that I lied there motionless for a few seconds”

I compete in the ATV Triple Crown race series in Alberta Canada. This is a MX race series for ATV and UTV’s. This incident happened at Round 5, July 23rd 2016, White Ridge MX Park. It was the last lap in the last moto in the Junior class (same as production C). I was fighting a close race to maintain my 3rd position. I took a different line on big table and over shot it, landing to side. I remember landing on my head twice very hard with a loud crunch, then the quad landed or rolled on top of me. I was told that I lied there motionless for a few seconds. Got up, tipped over my atv, put my seat back on and slowly drove to the finish line. After the race I spoke with the emt on site, I was checked over and cleared. They suggested that I be checked out for a concussion. I also had bad bruising on my forehead from my helmet.

The next morning when I was cleaning my gear, I noticed that my Leatt neck brace was broken, and my helmet was cracked on the inside liner. I truly believe that the neck brace worked perfectly and absorbed the energy of the crash, as it was supposed to.If I had not been wearing the brace I feel the injuries would have been detrimental. The friendly service I received from Brooke when I called in was awesome!! My new 5.5 brace fits perfect.

Jonas Alm





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