I was able to walk away from a severe crash

I’d just like to thank all at Leatt for the brilliant support provided by the STX neck brace, as it meant I was able to walk away from a severe crash at Scunthorpe Speedway with only a broken wrist, despite taking a massive blow to the head and neck (enough to seriously damage my helmet!).
Bruising could be seen on my shoulders where the neck brace had clearly distributed the force fantastically to prevent much more serious injuries. I’ve now been wearing the STX neck brace since being sponsored by your distributor, Moto Direct UK, it’s superb for speedway as it gives great movement, but still offers fantastic protection. I cant believe more speedway riders aren’t using the STX. If any riders would like info regarding the use of the STX neck brace for speedway please let me know and I’d happily oblige.

Must also give a big shout to Justin and all the St Johns Ambulance team who sorted my arm out and arranged my visit to Scunthorpe Hospital!

Reece Downes, Sheffield England #British no.2


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