“I want to thank you for such a well-made product”

I want to thank you for such a well-made product. I recently purchased a GPX 6.5 helmet after a crash last winter damaged my previous 6D.

The fit out of the box was great and I appreciated the light weight and how well the goggles fit.

At the first race of the summer, this new helmet saved my head.

During the first practice session of the day after doing my sight lap I started to ride at race pace, coming out of a corner and jumping a table top I’ve ridden hundreds of times before. A bump on the face kicked my rear end up in the air, putting me over the bars and landing face first.

I still remember everything. The rest of my body scorpioned before I came to rest.

A compressed vertebrae, broken wrist and broken helmet but, no concussion or any damage to my head.

I believe with a lesser product it might of been worse. I walked away from that one, sore and busted but, under my own power.

I thank you for your products (C-Frame Knee Brace and GP X 6.5 Helmet) and will definitely be purchasing another GPX helmet when I’m able to ride again in 8 to 12 weeks!




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