“I have never needed it…until a couple days ago”

I’ve been racing motorcycles since I was five years old and I now have 20 years of experience. I race pro mx1 in the local area. When I was 16 and just turned intermediate and bought the KTM edition carbon fiber Leatt moto GPX neck brace.

I’ve worn it religiously all these years and I have never needed it…until a couple days ago, I woke up in bed apparently after I was in a bad crash the night before. I had no memory of it.

After having been in the hospital all night getting CT scans and X-rays, my wife took me home. My neck was a bit stiff and my back was totally road rashed. I went out to my truck to go through my stuff and my chest protector was ripped in two and my neck brace was smashed completely. However, my neck was good so I guess it did its job! Thanks.

Tyler Hildebrand, Canada


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