“I cannot thank you guys at Leatt enough”

I cannot thank you guys at Leatt enough for the neck braces you make.

On Saturday, July 8th, 2017 I was racing my TRX450ER ATV at a local cross country series called AWRCS when I hit a kicker in 4th-5th gear at an estimated 50-55 M.P.H. when I began to roll. I rolled over six times without ever letting go and eventually bounced roughly 10 feet into the air right into the side of a camper where I finally came off of the ATV and fell to the ground with the ATV landing right beside me.

I had knocked the window frame out of the camper and dented the whole side where I had impacted. I was able to walk away from this accident with absolutely no head injuries, no neck injuries, and no back injuries because of your neck brace.

With all of the people telling me just how extreme of an accident it was, I believe I am still here walking and talking with no complications whatsoever because of your neck brace. I will never race without a Leatt neck brace and I will tell those who don’t wear them to check out your company and the neck braces you make because of the first-hand experience I have and how the brace saved me.

I was able to walk away with a broken shoulder being the only injury I sustained. I was wearing the Leatt GPX Race neck brace. Thank you everyone at Leatt for the great neck braces you make, for keeping me here and on two feet. Keep up the great work and I will definitely be buying my next neck brace from Leatt!

Austin Weller, Pennsylvania, USA


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