“I am now a believer by experience”

I am not particularly the best rider on the planet but I am not too bad for a girl. I can keep up with most of the guys. My bike is an 07 Kawasaki KX250F (with a 270cc bore kit).

Recently my husband and I were waiting for some moisture to happen and when it finally did, we decided to head out to our favorite trails of Bear Creek Park, British Columbia, Canada. It was pouring when we arrived and we were so excited. As we started riding up the familiar path, I noticed that I was keeping up with him more than usual. He seemed to be very cautious and later on let me know that he was having real trouble with grip that day. His slow, is my 80%. So I kept up with him all day without crashing (for once!) because I was in the zone! On the way back, he complimented my riding ability and I got really cocky… So I was determined to continue at this pace no matter how tired I was getting.

Low and behold, up comes that sharp right, off camber, uphill deep dusty turn and I over think it. I look at that tree for one split second and head
right for it but just before there is contact, I hit all my brakes, and lose traction all together. Down I went, landing hard on the back, right side of my head. I remember hitting. The landing was so hard, yet when my head made contact with the ground, it felt like landing in pillows. I recall thinking, “they work!” the blue 360 degree armour gel turbines in my Leatt GPX 5.5 helmet are doing their job! I even noticed a bounce back. I ended up rolling over onto my right knee while still sliding before coming to a stop. When I got up, I felt fine, I didn’t even feel queasy nor concuss in any way. I am known to have whiplash very easily, even from just falling over, due to a previous injury, but ever since I started wearing my Leatt 5.5 neck brace, most of that has gone away.

The reason I feel it is so important to report what happened that day, is that 2 days after the crash, I did feel sore and had a major headache so this tells me that I hit hard enough to show the 360 degree turbine technology and the V-foam made a difference.

Upon inspection, a couple of the turbines show some stress wear and there are big paint chips missing on the shell, but there is no sign of the V-foam being compressed. I know that it could have been so much worse.

One more thing I would like to mention about this helmet is the venting. I try so hard to keep up that I sweat like crazy and I am a mouth breather when I ride (gross I know). But because of this, it is almost impossible to not fog up after a crash or in any strenuous situation. My goggles have not fogged up once so far thanks to the 190 vents!

So thank you Leatt! I am now a believer by experience.

Zoe Verbauwhede


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