“I am more than amazed at how well the neck brace protected me”

I want to thank you for making safety equipment that not only saved my life, but I believe played a critical role in me functioning properly today.

I have been wearing the DBX neck brace since 2014, due to how comfortable and light the brace is. Over the years I took a few spills, nothing serious, so I was lucky not to have witnessed the full potential of this neck brace, until the afternoon of July 14th.

I spent that week at Whistler, riding everything my front wheel would point at; drops, jumps, huge rock slab rollers, you name it, I hit it! I would have never imagined that a small mistake would send me over the bars and head first into the ground, but that’s how I ended my afternoon on Friday.

Instead of sitting here describing the incident, watch the video below.

In short, I am more than amazed at how well the neck brace protected me. Immediately after the incident, my paramedic friend stabilized me and checked for neural damage, there were no indications of a major concussion even occurring. This was further validated by the hospital which I was taken to after the crash. The only significant disturbance I had was, a bit of blurred vision, which only lasted 30 minutes and a bruise/scuff on my head, from where I rotated in the helmet upon impact.  I also believe that my DBX Ride 4 played a critical role in limiting my C7 fracture. Though it sounds bad, I was fortunate enough to have suffered such a fracture that does not require surgery and so far, has no implications on my motor skills or nerve functions.

I have been an advocate of Leatt products since the moment I put on my neck brace back in 2014.The light weight and comfort factor won me over instantly, but it’s this event that justified my choice for the past three years and will be the driving force for why I only wear Leatt neck braces going forward. I want to thank everyone on the Leatt team for doing their part in creating such amazing safety gear.

Thank you

Michael Grischenko




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