“The helmet did its job and I’ll live to ride another day!”

I was racing at WW Ranch just outside of Jacksonville FL. for the big money Pro Am race.

There was a big purse as well as a $500 holeshot award for the start of all 250 and 450 pro motos. Well, I was determined to take advantage of that and nailed the 250 start by around 10 bike lengths. Just as I was about cross the line though the back end came around and I was high sided off the bike and landed head/face first into the next little hump. Everyone that I spoke to, including the officials, were amazed that I got right up and was able to walk off the track – considering the speed I was going and the violent impact to my head.

I truly believe the Leatt GPX 5.5 helmet made the difference between feeling a little woozy or being knocked out cold.  It definitely did its job and saved my head but crushed the V-shaped impact foam as it should.  I can’t believe I wasn’t knocked out.  These helmets are no joke!  There are some cuts on my face from my goggles and my body is really sore but my head is okay!

The helmet did its job and I’ll live to ride another day! Thank you Leatt!

Austin Winslow
Jacksonville, Florida


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