He did no damage to his neck or spine

Last weekend my son, Mathew Callaghan # 152 Verde Sports Racing motocross rider, had a very unfortunate accident whilst competing in the Pro Fastest 40 class at the MX Nationals event at Culham ,near Oxford ,UK.

Mathew came off after a jump and appears to have landed mainly on the back of his head. He was airlifted to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford as he sustained a head injury . After a few tense days he is now home and on the road to recovery . Remarkably he did not break any bones . More important he did no damage to his neck or spine and which I feel is totally due to him wearing his Leatt neck brace, small/medium size. Mathew has always worn Leatt neck braces and I certainly feel, in this case, it has done its job . We always encourage any rider to wear one. Mathew is now 17 yrs and has been riding motocross since he was 6 yrs old . During this time he has progressed significantly and proved himself to be one of the top youth riders in the country. I have attached a few photos so you can see the damage he has done to the neck brace which will give you an indication of the severity of the crash . We are hoping for a speedy recovery as Mathew is keen to be riding again once he is fully recovered .

As a family and team we are keen to promote the body protection that Mathew wears. Verde Sports Racing have a Facebook page and the link to their website is www.verdesportsracing.com , there is more information about Mathew here and his achievements to date .

Yours in sport
Janice Callaghan, Bolton UK


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